Friday, September 22, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

I've been kind of busy this week. I started off by training 4 new people at work. That kept me on my toes Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week I was interviewing potential new hires every half hour. I have 6 new hires coming in Monday to begin training. At the same time I was supposed to be revising all of the content for our company website, writing daily task lists for every position in the company, appealing an adverse unemployment decision and prepping the newer, younger, blonder receptionist to take over some of the work in human resources. In reality it was a long and uneventful week. I stay extremely busy, but don't really accomplish anything at work. The worst part of that is that I don't really care. I want the company to succeed. I want the people I work with to be happy and get ahead. I just don't feel like anything I do makes a difference and I don't have any passion left for the job.
This weekend should be interesting. Going to really focus on setting some goals around the house. We need new basement windows, walls, ceiling and carpet, as well as sprinklers to grow some grass. I'd like to have those projects done by April, so I need to set some goals and get to work. I also want to get out and go for a hike before it gets too cold. I stuck to my exercise plan this week. Got up at 5:45 every morning and went for walk/runs each day. Gotta get in shape so I can wear the speedo next summer!

Monday, September 18, 2006


Turns out I'm fat again. Went for a run this morning, got home and took a look in the mirror on my way to the shower. I have man-boobs. Not big ones...but it's time to get back to work. Work is great, home life is great, but boobs are not cool...

Saturday, September 16, 2006


It's been a busy couple of days. I interviewed at least twenty people for jobs Thursday and Friday. Several were very interesting and I enjoyed spending the time with them. I offered jobs to half a dozen and hope at least a couple show up to begin training on Monday. It's hard to hire good people when the company isn't even competive with it's compensation package. Nevertheless, I'm hopeful that I have a couple of great people to work with.
The weekend should be quiet. I spent most of today reading, researching how to install a sprinkler system in the yard and researching how to start my own business. I think the sprinklers will be easier, but I need to get the business started so I can take pride in what I do every day. Saw a movie, played videogames and did household chores. Tomorrow should be just as interesting. I plan to get ahold of a couple of good DVDs and watch them on my computer while reading about how to start an online business. Sound exciting? It beats what I spend all day doing Monday through Friday!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Nothing new, think I'll save the details for tomorrow. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Am I Jinxing Myself...

Two days in a row of getting up early and heading to the park for a bit of exercise. If I keep writing about it, will I crumble under the expectation of continuing? I hope not. Nothing much happened today, not that much ever happens. Another boring day at work spread way too thin with too little incentive to finish any given task or project. Interviewed another three or four people for jobs and liked two of them. We'll see if they are willing to work for below market wages without benefits and paid time off. Looking forward to a week off next month and a trip to the left coast. I love planned laziness. Hope you enjoyed another glimpse into A Life Less Extraordinary...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fitness Journal

So, I got out of bed this morning. I still set my goal too high, though. I didn't get up because I actually cared one way or the other. I got up because I had to pee. Then I figured it wasn't worth it to climb back into bed for another half hour of sleep. I went for a walk around the park. Now that I got up and walked, this is officially an exercise journal. I walked a mile and a half today. In a year I should be in pretty good shape. Work was boring and a bit disheartening. I hired three new people to begin training this week. Yesterday, two no-showed and today the third was either invisible, very good at hiding or no-showed. It would be easy to point a finger at the company, facilities or pay scale, but maybe I'm doing something wrong in the hiring process. I know I do some things well, others alright and still others very poorly. The trick is honestly assessing what I do and improving where improvement is necessary. As if battling to keep myself motivated at work isn't enough, I've taken on more responsibility outside of work and family. I am doing extremely well and sometimes I think that if there is a problem it is that I need a crisis to focus my energy. Prosperity makes me tentative and indecisive. Then again, dealing with crises kind of sucks.

Monday, September 11, 2006


So today was supposed to be the proverbial "first day of the rest of my life..." It wasn't. I was going to begin running (more walking than running for the first week or so, but you know what I mean), eating more conscientiously and really applying myself at work. Yeah, none of that happened today. I set my alarm and woke up at 5:45am, but didn't feel like getting up. I went out to a burger joint for lunch and spent all day putting out fires at work and didn't really get anything accomplished. I guess it would be easy to get discouraged, but let's face it...I don't care enough to get discouraged. Maybe I need to lower my goalsj a bit. For tomorrow I think I'll just try to care enough to get up and out of the house. I should be able to accomplish that. Everything else will just be gravy.